The Stock Exchange

Shares, bonds, funds and more

Over 8,500 securities can be traded on the Hamburg Stock Exchange. Lead brokers guarantee that orders for the most important index stocks will be executed for at least the same or at a better price as on the key reference markets. Of particular interest to private investors is the freedom from commission charges on orders up to Euros 50,000 for DAX30 stocks and up to Euro 25,000 for securities of many other indices, including the MDAX or the EuroStoxx50. Lead brokers at the Hamburg Stock Exchange include mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG and Schnigge Wertpapierhandelsbank AG.

Fondsbörse Deutschland
The Fondsbörse Deutschland is a market leader in the trading in shares of closed-end funds subject to stock exchange regulations and neutral monitoring. It allows investors to sell their previously illiquid shares in funds on an independent secondary market prior to the end of their term or to acquire fund shares with a low “residual term”. The trading offering comprises around 4,000 closed-end funds and ranges from ship funds and investments in office premises to funds financing projects in the field of renewable energies.

Sparbriefbörse Deutschland
With the Sparbriefbörse Deutschland, the Hamburg Stock Exchange and the Hanover Stock Exchange gives private investors a brand new opportunity that, so far, is unique in Germany: Savings certificate holders can withdraw their investment prior to the contract deadline and put their savings certificates up for sale on the website. This has the advantage, for example, of securing funds required ahead of schedule.

Sustainable investments
A speciality of the sister stock exchange in Hanover is the publishing of sustainable indices representing stocks that meet the global challenges of our millennium in particular. These include international stock corporations which make a positive contribution to combating global challenges such as climate change, drinking water supply and poverty alleviation. The Global Challenges Index (GCX) of the Hanover Stock Exchange includes 50 such companies and provides a foundation for sustainable investments, e.g. through mutual funds.


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