From apprenticeships to CSR

The national online apprenticeship exchange is actively used by training organisations to publish their available training places. Prospective apprentices can research training places and create a profile which allows them to receive automatic notifications when a suitable training place becomes available.

Theses and work experience provide a good opportunity for science and industry to involve students in their projects and benefit from a mutual exchange. We too offer a work experience and thesis exchange.

If you wish to acquire a company or you are looking for a suitable successor for your own company, visit the nexxt-change company exchange, a confidential platform we use to connect companies with prospective buyers or shareholders.

The German recycling exchange is a national electronic database which finds companies to buy recoverable waste and residues, who can then make use of or recycle these materials.

The Hamburg Exchange for the Common Good brings together companies and project partners from the Hamburg metropolitan region to further strengthen their social commitment within the region.


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