The Hamburg Exchange


Our gallery contains historic images as well as up-to-date pictures of the activities of the Hamburg Exchange.


The Old Exchange

The Hamburg Exchange, founded in 1558, on a copperplate engraving by Johan Dircksen from the early 17th century. Before the wooden buildings were opened in 1583, visitors to the Exchange traded outdoors on a cobbled square. The old Exchange building was destroyed in the “Great Fire” of 1842.


The New Exchange

The New Exchange, inaugurated on 2 December 1841, as the hub of the “Kunstwerk Hamburg” (the “masterpiece that is Hamburg”) - the name given to the city centre after it was rebuilt following the fire. Today, the new Exchange Hall forms the central section of the ensemble of exchanges that was subsequently expanded. The now neighbouring town hall was built at a later point.


An Interior View of The New Exchange

An interior view of the New Exchange following its completion in 1841; it was built according to the plans of Ludwig Wimmel and Gustav Forsmann.


Before the Start of Trading

The “trading block” on a present-day postcard. Traders rush into the Exchange to arrive in time for the start of trading and to avoid paying a fine for late arrival.


The General Exchange 1

Hanseatic business people on the trading floor. Nowadays the General Exchange is mainly used by the real estate sector, particularly for initiating joint business. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The General Exchange 2

General Exchange meetings traditionally take place on Thursdays from 13:30 to 14:00. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The General Exchange 3

The mutual sharing of information and estimates within the framework of contact with peers also plays a vital role at the General Exchange. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The Grain Exchange 1

Office 24 is home to the Hamburg Grain Exchange, the only commodities exchange under the roof of the Hamburg Exchange. (Photo: Alexa Bettina Wesselow)


The Grain Exchange 2

Three times a year, the historic trading floor becomes a hive of activity with the “Gemeinschaftsbörsen” (joint exchanges) of the Grain Exchange. (Photo: Holde Schneider)


The Grain Exchange 3

Not only involved in joint exchanges - the management committee of the “Grain Traders Association of the Hamburg Exchange” deals with, among other things, the contract administration and arbitration for grain trading. (Photo: Holde Schneider)


The Insurance Exchange 1

The Hamburg Insurance Exchange is where representatives of insurance companies, brokers, underwriting agents and general average adjusters come to meet. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The Insurance Exchange 2

The participants of the Insurance Exchange also meet on Thursdays from 13:30 to 14:00. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The Insurance Exchange 3

Face to face - while sharing documents plays an important role at the Insurance Exchange, the spoken word and handshake of the Exchange participants are very important. (Photo: Michael Zapf)


The Stock Exchange 1

Since 2006, the Hanseatic Stock Exchange Hamburg has been based in the “Rathausmarkthof” right next to the historic Exchange building, which these days is used by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the three “non-stock exchanges”. (Photo: Börsen AG)


The Stock Exchange 2

Broker-based securities trading at the Stock Exchange. (Photo: Börsen AG).


The Stock Exchange 3

Over 8,500 securities can be traded at the Stock Exchange. These also include investment funds, for which exchange-based trading was developed in Hamburg. (Photo: Börsen AG).


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