The Hamburg Exchange

In 1558, the Hamburg merchants who were engaged in maritime trade obtained the right from the “Ehrbarer Rat dieser guten Stadt Hamburg” (respectable Council of this good city of Hamburg) to prepare a site at the Trost bridge for their daily meetings. And thus began the history of Germany’s oldest and most versatile exchange, in what was Hamburg’s port area at the time. This history is closely connected with that of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, which is based in the new Exchange building, which was inaugurated in 1841.

The Hamburg Exchange is characterised by the preservation of timeless values, such as the reliability of the business handshake as well as by an openness and willingness to adapt to market trends. And so, here you will see face-to-face meetings on the trading floor as well as, for example, trading in savings bonds or shares of open and closed-end funds.

With the General Exchange, the Grain Exchange, the Insurance Exchange and the Stock Exchange, the Hamburg Exchange unites four independent institutions under one roof. Our website provides an introduction not only to these exchanges but also to the virtual Information Exchanges of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and of other chambers of commerce. These platforms serve as a forum for sharing information and initiating business transactions for a range of business needs, for example, filling apprenticeship positions, sourcing companies to buy recoverable production residues, or searching for social commitment projects.


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