Price quotations on grain and feed

Pricing information serves as a crucial guide for market participants. Deals concluded on the Hamburg Grain Exchange are bilateral agreements which are not conducted via an electronic trading system.

For this reason, a quotation commission meets every Tuesday in Office 24 of the Hamburg Exchange to determine the wholesale prices for imported grain, rapeseed and feed on the basis of reports published by the participating companies of the Hamburg Grain Exchange. The commission is made up of grain traders, producers and brokers and records current prices and prices for futures. The quotations for 10 products of partially different qualities can be found on the website of the Grain Exchange. They are also published in the trade press and passed on as benchmark prices to the agencies of the agricultural administration in Bonn, Berlin and Brussels, where they are mainly used for the purposes of calculating import duties. 

Companies admitted to the Hamburg Grain Exchange are members of the Grain Traders Association of the Hamburg Exchange (VdG e.V.). Founded in 1868, the VdG acts as a service provider for its members and as a point of contact for representatives from administration, politics and industry in Berlin and Brussels.


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